Earth and Sky

Opposites that permeate to give you an unmissable feeling of wellbeing. The treatment includes a facial and scalp massage and PMP Classic. Duration: 110 minutes, € 120.00

Skin Deep Gold

Particularly indicated for venous stasis and water retention with consequent peripheral oxygenation and fluid balance. It includes the PMP Classic treatment and a combine massage on thighs and buttocks. Duration: 110 minutes, € 120.00

PMP Welcome

Starting from the feet is the right approach to regain psycho-physical wellbeing. This ritual has been studied to obtain a beneficial anti-stress and revitalizing effect in only 15 minutes, thanks to the refreshing effect of Piedmont peppermint essential oil and to the manoeuvres with the Pdostrigiles. Duration: 15 minutes, € 30.00

PMP Bdynamic

For sportsmen and women or to relieve tired and swollen feet, here is the ideal scientific protocol, with toning and energizing action, to reactivate venous return, oxygenate tissues and restart with the right sprint! Aromatherapy with Mei Italian peppermint and a massage with Podostrigiles show the results of the ritual in less time. Duration: 30 […]

PMP Classic

PMP-Phytomassopodia is the first patented method that generates a wave of well-being from the feet that spreads to the whole body. Anti-stress, anti-fatigue, detoxifying and regenerating: PMP is the flagship of Mei’s entire research and encompasses five scientific disciplines: motor sciences, physiotherapy, podiatry, thermal medicine and phytology. As handed down to us by the ancient […]