Special treatment to eliminate toxins deposited on the skin every day, smog, harmful agents and much more. Made with the regenerating peeling Botanical, made of green clay with absorbing power, relaxing oil based on elasticising equisetum, and completed with the wonderful action of the body cream Botanical with extract of calendula flowers, with deep moisturizing […]


A treatment that draws its strength from the powerful plant ingredients able to restore and visibly improve oily or mixed impure skin. The exfoliation and mask are followed by a massage with specific creams, rich in South American quebracho bark extract with a purifying, regeneration and elasticising effect. Recommended in all seasons, ideal for men. […]


A pleasant, complete facial treatment that exerts a specific anti-age action. The high concentration of active ingredients in the serum + cream combination helps the regeneration of the skin and gives a real boost of energy and new vitality. Thanks to vegetable hyaluronic acid and colloidal silver, the immediate effect is a fresh and radiant […]


A facial treatment with a high-nourishing and revitalizing power for dry and dehydrated skin. The delicate exfoliation prepares the skin to receive the serum, full of vitamins, and the soft and rich cream containing macadamia oil and extract of Helichrysum flowers. From the very first application, the skin regains elasticity, deep nourishment and radiance. Duration: […]

Mei Lifting

The ritual results in a rejuvenated, plumped up and radiant skin with an indescribable feeling of general well-being. Skilful scientific manual techniques, performed with Podostrigiles and the specific line based on colloidal silver, vegetation waters of wild plants and essential oils give immediate visible results. The ritual ends with the application of sandalwood oil and […]


Persian rose essential oil is the main ingredient that makes this ritual a real gem. Its unmistakable aroma radiates from the scrub, tonic and cream, enhanced by innovative manual techniques for tangible and immediate results. Let yourself be enveloped and inebriated by the magical not of the queen of flowers, a dream for your facial […]